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Az Fundchain ICO Review

Little Fundchain is an accessible, transparent and reliable monetary circle and mass funding application. By constructing a highly decentralized and feasible currency circle platform, the FundChain revenue model is built on both the AZ markers market value and the operations within the platform. AZ Token is offered for sale with a $ 1 buy-back guarantee.

Fundchain Solutions

  • Traditional Payment Systems
    With the help of a block chain that focuses on decentralized financing methods that have a positive social impact on communities, we want to advance worldwide financial participation. The proven and successful methods of doing this were already present through money circles and mass funding, but were not perfect and had many flaws. So we decided to take it and make it better and more accessible.
  • Social Badges and Reputation
    FundChain has a social aspect. Users will be able to interact with each other and have general reputation profiles. Comments left by other members in the circles you participate in rank your reputation profile.
  • Immeasurable with Blockchain
    Blockchain does not change. Every transaction in FundChain will be forever stamped into smart contracts. Smart contracts will receive the requested parameters from peers and will automatically work behind the interface with the ultimate aim to protect the rights of each participant.
  • Safe
    The AZ fund chain can bring to everyone and everyone the most transparent and secure neutral balance and financial freedom. We provide a transparent and unchangeable basis for all interactions within the community using the blockchain without serving the interests of a particular group or individual.
  • Accessible from Anywhere
    Due to redundant geographic and regulatory restrictions, fundraising platforms are inaccessible to most of these platforms by the world. We aim to change this and make it the most accessible and transparent platform. The AZ Fundchain app is available on iOS and Android, making it accessible worldwide by overcoming regional barriers.
  • Linking People with Funding Methods
    Our product is a donor fundraising application that accepts donations in encrypted currencies. We have two transactions to collect funds. One of them is a public mass funding, the other is a ROSCA-based private fund (more commonly known as fon money circles Bun). We help you invest ethically and support promising projects and individuals.

    Based on the block chain, FundChain’s decentralized backbone minimizes risks.
    The FundChain application is working on blockchain without having users interact directly with the blockchain. Each apartment or mass funding creates a new and unique smart contract that uses AZ Token as fuel. The rules, conditions, and participants are markedly stamped in the block chain immediately after the contract is created.
    Each fund will be accessible via the public Ethereum blockchain.
    Each participant will be able to follow the status of the fund circle transparently with the help of the block circle. The circle organizer will not be able to get hidden fees from the participants, and the mass fund business owners will have to spend this fund in a transparent way.
    FundChain will be an accessible mobile software for anyone with smartphone.
    Although FundChain will work with the public Ethereum blockchain in the background with smart contracts, end-users will not have to be trained in the use of blockchain, so anyone can use the platform without any input barriers. Users will not have to worry about how to use the security and transparency provided by smart contracts.
    The local AZ Token will be the fuel of each sub-smart contract, based on the original AZ token intelligent contract.
    Each circle and funding will be carried out through a unique smart contact. In order to create this smart contract or to provide financing to these smart contracts or to participate in the apartments, AZ Token will be required to pay the fee. Again, you will not really have to buy AZ Token because the fees deducted from users’ payments will automatically receive AZ Tokens from the open market.

  • Ticker: AZ
  • 1 AZ Token: $0.63
  • AZ For Sale: 11.700.000 (39%)
  • Total Supply: 30.000.000
  • Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Softcap: $5.000.000
  • Hardcap: $7.000.000
  • Minimum Investment: $10
  • Accepted: BTC, ETH, Fiat



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